Key West Tarpon Fishing

For a high-jumping, hard-fighting train ride of a fishing experience, nothing beats the giant, Silver King. Tarpon are known for power and acrobatics when hooked, the tarpon is for some people the most exciting species to catch, hands down. Once you’ve hooked your first tarpon, you’ll know exactly what we mean!

This fish sometimes grow to be eight feet long, and when hooked, they throw all their bulk into the air in an attempt to throw the hook. There’s nothing like it, and if you try one of our Fish Key West Florida charters, you’re bound to experience this amazing power and remember it for a lifetime. In fact, some people just can’t seem to get enough of the thrill of hooking a tarpon, and come back to Key West year after year just to fish for tarpon.

There’s a little bit of skill involved in hooking tarpon, and our Fish Key West Florida guides are the best in the business. You see, a tarpon has a very bony mouth, which makes it hard to get a hook into. Knowing where to anchor up is also key, and factors such as incoming or outgoing tide, time of day, and bait can make or break your day. The guides at Fish Key West Florida do it up right every time. They’ll know where the tarpon are running that day, and how to catch them. Knowledge of spots and methods is essential for tarpon fishing because these fish are finicky eaters. Sometimes they’ll only eat one certain type of bait, like crab, or squid in different situations.

Tarpon trips can be booked in the morning, afternoon, or evening. Your guide may take you to Key West harbor, the channels near the harbor on the Gulf side, or further in the Gulf – into the back country. You don’t have to go far to get tarpon, if you have the knowledge of the little niches, cuts, and underwater structures that surround Key West. Your guide may have to check several spots before you find the right one, but he will know where to check, and will find the tarpon for you. So enjoy the ride, and get ready for some intense sport fishing action!