Gulf Shrimp Boats

Key West Gulf shrimp boat fishing charters hunt Blackfin Tuna, Cobia, Kingfish, Bonita, and Sharks. With a little help from the shrimp boat by-catch, the
Fish Key West Florida fleet make the long run into the Gulf of Mexico on these specialty charters that produce mega amounts of fish. If you want to see water that is truly teeming with fish, and go for the thrill of hooking a large sport fish, Key West Gulf shrimp boat fishing charters offer both: you get to reel in one fish after another for constant action, and you get to haul in some big game fish as well. It’s an action-packed day that starts in the wee hours of the morning and lasts all day long.

Our shrimp boat charters take you out far into the Gulf of Mexico where the shrimp boats catch shrimp. Shrimping is done at night, using enormous nets that catch more than just shrimp. Just before the break of dawn, the crew releases all the by-catch from the night, meaning excellent bait – anything that’s not shrimp, they release.

Just imagine dumping hundreds of pounds of bait into the water at once. The feeding frenzy is incredible, and you will be right there with your lines, catching the most fish you’ve ever caught in your life. Our fleet of boats know where the shrimpers are, and know how to strike a deal with the crew, so you can take full advantage of their by-catch while they rest up for another night of shrimping. It’s like you have your very own bait crew, waiting for you out in the Gulf of Mexico, ensuring that everyone in your group catches a lot of fish.

The excitement doesn’t really compare to any other type of fishing trip. The water seems to boil with the amount of fish, and their frenzy is real. Catch the excitement with the pro’s at
Fish key West Florida. Gulf Of Mexico shrimp boat fishing charters will leave you with a life time of memories. We suggest that you don’t plan much afterward, either…you’ll be too exhausted from catching so many fish all day long!