Gulf of Mexico Towers Fishing

Key West is a fishing paradise that draws visitors from all over the world and never disappoints! Not only are the waters teeming with an incredibly diverse fish population, but some of the world’s best fishing charters are right here as well! Fishing our part of the Gulf Coast makes for an incredible day on sea, especially when we head out to the Gulf of Mexico Towers. These Air Force communication towers are supported by gigantic legs in the deep water. The sheltered area among the legs of the towers is home to an abundance of fish species. This is a perfect place to catch Permit, Snapper, Grouper, Barracuda, Cobia, and many more in every season. As an added bonus, the tourist crowds do not gather here to fish because of the tower’s location, so you can be sure that you don’t have to fight for space on this trip.

These towers are located in Federal waters 9 miles from land and require a special permit to fish. This is your opportunity to fish in this con-crowded locale with one of the few guides who hold a permit to fish around the towers. Licensing requires extensive experience in fishing these Federal waters, so you can be sure that our charter captains know the best fishing locations out here and have long years of experience when it comes to Key West fishing. And because our guides hold a permit to not only fish, but also to keep the fish, you can take your fish with you to let a local chef turn it into a gourmet meal. Join us for an exciting fishing trip to the Gulf of Mexico Air Force communication towers and enjoy your Key West fishing experience away from the crowds!