Key West Reef Fishing

The best way to experience non-stop action and a full freezer? Book yourself a trip on a Key West reef fishing charter. The reefs off the shores of Key West are simply loaded with fish, practically guaranteeing you’ll see nonstop fishing action on a reef and wreck charter. In fact, if your goal is catching as many fish as possible, this is how to go. North America’s only living coral reef stretches from Miami to the Dry Tortugas, about 70 miles west of Key West. The coral cover provides shelter for thousands of species, most importantly the tastiest of fish, grouper and snapper!

The coral reef around Key West is known for its spur-and-groove formations, which offer excellent shelter for all types of fish. Our charter captains have years of experience, so they know exactly where on the reef to anchor up and send down the lines. Bottom fishing targets grouper and, snapper, but you might haul up any number of other species. Sharks can show up, which might mean you’re in for a bit of a workout. Jacks,Cobia and Mackerel can show up anywhere in the column as well, making your catch of the day an impressive mix of species.

So you see, between the excellent natural resources of Key West’s reef system and the highly experienced guides working the boats for Fish Key West Florida, you are in for one heck of a productive day! How could you go wrong?

For maximum haul potential, Key West reef fishing has long been and remains today the most popular type of charter if you’re serious about the amount of fish you want to bring in. Fish Key West Florida offers half day, three-quarters day, or full day charters to the wrecks and reef.