Key West Mutton and Snapper Fishing

For just a few months of every year (May & June), the Mutton Snapper come out under the full moon and spawn near Key West. Fish Key West Florida’s Mutton Snapper fishing charters take you out at just the right time for incredible fishing under the stars. Visit Key West in May or June and hop aboard for an excellent Mutton Snapper catch. This is a seasonal charter with limited space, so please call to reserve a spot.

Not everyone knows how to catch the Mutton spawn, but our experienced guides know exactly what to do in the ever changing conditions out on the reef. As currents, weather and tides change, so do the methods for fishing the spawn. Fish Key West Florida’s Key West Mutton Snapper fishing charters will use light tackle to catch Mutton up to 30 lbs under the full moon. The bait will chosen by your guide depending on conditions. You might be using ballyhoo, pinfish, herring, or minnows and you may or may not be chumming.

Mutton Snapper are very good eating fish, and can grow to around 30 inches. They have bright melon-colored tails and pale bodies. If you come to Key West for the Mutton Snapper spawn, a Fish Key West Florida guide will have you catching mutton after mutton, under the dark sky. Head out just before sunset for the famous Key West sunset, made perfect by the deep red and gold colors glimmering over water. Call Fish Key West Florida’s to reserve your spot on one of our Key West Mutton Snapper Fishing Charters today. Seats are limited so call soon!