Key West Shark and Tarpon Fishing

Key West is known for many things, but at the top of the list are the gorgeous sunsets over sparkling waters, and sport fishing. Why not combine these two pleasures with one of our Key West sunset Tarpon and Shark charters? Hit the water just before sunset, and beat the heat, too. Tarpon like to bite at dusk, so it’s the perfect combination of events: beautiful backdrop of a famous Key West sunset, prime time for the tarpon bite, and milder weather.

On a calm day, you can actually see tarpon rolling, sharks fining on the surface, rays feeding, and birds hunting at sunset. Key West sunset Tarpon and Shark charters offer so much in the way of scenery, restorative relaxation, and blissful surroundings as you await your catch. But watch out and be ready for action, because once a shark or tarpon hits, it’s full on action! In fact, once a tarpon bites, there’s no time to waste and you and your guide must know what to do. It’s teamwork here, since each player has a role in bringing in a tarpon. Your guide will probably use a quick-release anchor, which allows him to free the boat on a moment’s notice and run with the tarpon. That’s because you won’t be able to reel it in fast enough, it’s so strong, especially if you’re using light tackle. This style of tarpon fishing is for those who want to fight the fish for a while. Otherwise, using heavier line, you’d have to powerhouse the fish up to the boat, using lots of muscle. As you pump and reel, your Fish Key West Florida guide will run the boat towards the tarpon, helping you gain on the fish. The tarpon will make his jumps early on, when first hooked. If you have a third party in the boat, it’s a good time for pictures!

Tarpon aren’t the only large predators to feed at sunset. Sharks are also known to come alive at dusk and provide lots of sport fishing action. While baits for tarpon include dead bait chunks that we get from the commercial shrimp boats we call “shrimp boat trash.” The bait of choice for sharks are much larger like Barracuda fillets. It’s almost a guaranteed hook up, actually. Between the shark bait and the tarpon bait, you’re going to be catching some big fish. Your calm sunset tour will quickly become a bonanza of fish fighting fury!