Key West Back Country Fishing

Key West is a sportsman’s paradise. With vast channels & flats in the backcountry, hundreds of untouched mangrove islands to fish, and hidden channels inhabited by a huge variety of fish, it’s no wonder our Key West back country fishing charters are among the most popular trips we offer. For calmer waters and almost unlimited territory to fish, the Backcountry, or Gulf side of Key West offers anglers an exciting day of fishing that everyone will enjoy.

Key West back country fishing charters can target any number of species, and you can target large fighting fish or smaller eating fish. The back country is diverse, and our guides know what to fish at any given time of the year and in any conditions. This knowledge comes from lots of experience and a love of the sport, which you will immediately feel when you hop on board and fish with the best guides in Key West.

Just take a look at what you can find in Key West’s back country:

Sea trout, Mangrove Snapper, Jack Crevalle, Ladyfish, Tarpon, Sharks, Redfish, Bluefish and Spanish mackerel

Tarpon may well be one of the strongest fighting fish you can target in the back country. Fish in the morning or at sunset for these silver monsters- there’s nothing quite like holding the line when a tarpon runs with the bait and all you can do is hold on for dear life! Actually, Fish Key West Florida offers Key West tarpon charters ,where all you do is target tarpon, since this type of sport fishing is so popular.

Seat trout are good to target if what you want is to catch lots and lots of fish. This species is abundant in Key West’s back country, especially in the channels, just north of Key West.

Ladyfish are fun because they jump like no other fish, which is why they’re called the “Poor Man’s Tarpon”. Jack Crevalles fight like crazy and they will hit big surface lures. You can throw the lure and sometimes several Jack Crevalles will attack your lure at once.

As you can see, Key West back country fishing can be just about anything you want. Talk to our captains and find out what’s biting – you’re in for a spectacular day of fishing, no matter what.