Fishing in Key West, Florida is definitely something any deep sea angler should go and do. For each day changes and you will never have the same experience as you did the day before. The warm summer waters that seemed to have come early here in Key West, Florida have made for some exciting adventures and awesome catches. There was nothing but smiling faces all around as the adventures continued one right after another.

Marlin, Mahi and Cobia

When it comes to fishing in Key West, Florida Captain Cory and his Clients enjoyed their 3/4 day out on the water. The day was beautiful, but nothing could compare to the Mahi-Mahi they reeled in making their beautiful day even more amazing. It was steady action all around with a great dinner to boot.

Captain Cory and his clients weren’t the only ones to reel in a Mahi- Mahi. Captain Rob and the Swanson family bagged themselves a tasty Mahi as well as a few Tunas.

However, Mahi wasn’t the only thing on Captain Cory Shepardson line this month. While fishing in Key West, Florida his client Warren Wziser reeled in a Blue Marlin in the flat calm waters. Sure enough the days here are as unexpected as the fish that comes up. Here is a video of it

Permit released

Of course Captain Cory wasn’t the only one seeing some action. Captain Ryan Cross and his clients had a great day of fishing in Key West, Florida as they caught over 10 Cobia. Plus they had their fair share of Permit which they released.

Mutton on the Vertical Jig

It was all smiles for Captain Damon and our friends at Daiwa Fishing as we tested new proto type rods and reels. Let’s just say there is some amazing new tackle coming out soon!

Fishing in Key West, Florida

Things really can happen that fast out on the water. We were on a 1/2 day adventure at the reef when we stumbled upon a school of Yellowtail. It was one wild ride as we caught our limit of these flag sized fish. Then as we were headed back to port, we were able to snag a 40-pound Amber Jack.

But that is just one of the many things we love about fishing in Key West, Florida. There really is no other place like it in the world. Where else are you going to be able to fight a Marlin one day and the next reel in an 80-pound Blacktip shark only to watch it get eaten by a huge Bull Shark then next?

Blacktip being eaten by a bullshark

Fishing in Key West, Florida offers you some exciting memories you really can’t experience anywhere. Take for example wreck fishing in Key West. There are so many different spots where you can pull up your fair share of Permit, Cobia, Goliath Groupers, African Pompanos, Mahi, and Yellowtail Snappers. But you have to come out and go fishing in Key West, Florida to experience it.

Catching Memories

Whether you are new to fishing Key West, Florida or a seasoned pro, every day will be a new adventure. However, the only way you are going to catch those Mahi’s or snag yourself a Blue Marlin is to go out and fish with us. Not only will you have fishing stories to tell you friends and family, but you will possibly bring home dinner as well.