Huge Black

Fishing in Key West, Florida is always an adventure. You never know what you are going to pull up out of the deep blue sea. Take for example the Black Grouper that Captain Cory and his client from Virginia pulled up. Just look at the coloration on that monster. The pattern of this Black Grouper helps it to blend into its environment better.

Most adult Black Groupers are found lurking around rocky bottoms, drop offs, and reef areas that are at least 60 feet deep. Usually, though, the larger Groupers want and need the space and can be found in deeper waters offshore. While this Black Grouper wasn’t anywhere near the State record of 113 pounds 6 ounces, it certainly was one great catch. The client was thrilled to reel in such a monster and made his day. You can bet that this fish put up a great fight as it was reeled up from the depths below.

Fishing In Key West, Florida

Of course pulling something like the Black Grouper monster up from the deep sea is just one of the many thrills you will encounter when you go out to fish in Key West. Groupers are just one species of fish that you can find out here in the waters off Florida. There are plenty of other species you can find when you book a charter boat out in Key West, Florida.

Windy Weather No Problem

Captain Rob and his client pulled up a boat load of Yellowtail Snapper despite the windy weather. Most of the Yellowtail were coming in at around 1 to 2 pounds. But there sure were enough to go around for the whole crew.

Yellowtail Snappers are just another great species of fish you will catch when you go deep sea fishing in Key West. Of course. Captain Rob, really knows spots to catch as many as they did.

Almaco Jack

Yellowtail and Grouper won’t be the only fish you see when you book a charter boat in Key West. You could also come across Almaco Jack. While Almaco Jacks are not a common catch in Key West, Florida, it just goes to show you never know what you will be pulling up from the depths below.

Captain Colin Barr and crew were just as stunned when they pulled one up considering just how yummy these guys are. Just goes to show that you can find anything swimming around a deep water wreck. Of course having an experienced fishing guide in Key West helps too.

Smoker Kings!

Of course when you join us for half-day adventures on one of our charter boats in Key West you just might find yourself like Captain Rob. Captain Rob and crew pulled out two beautiful Kingfish on light tackle. Sometimes these fish cruise very close to Key West, the are often caught in the channels around the harbor.

Snapper, Yellowtail, Grouper, and an occasional Almaco Jack may be on the menu. But they aren’t the only fish you can catch. There are plenty of other fish waiting to be snagged and bagged in Key West, Florida. The only way to find out what will be on the menu is to go out there and find them. Adventure is calling- will you answer?