Hello everyone, and welcome to Fish Key West Florida, where you can experience all the thrills of deep sea fishing in Key West and then some. We hope that your holidays were everything that you wanted them to be– full of love, warmth, relaxation, and family. Ours certainly were, but we also managed to squeeze in quite a bit of fantastic winter fishing between all those moments of good cheer. You can read all the highlights right here in our December 2016 Fishing Report.

December’s a Great Month for Unforgettable Key West Fishing Vacations

The weather came in calm and beautiful this month and looked to be heading toward a typical Key West Christmas in the mid to high 70s. And even though the first week of December is supposed to be slow fishing here in Key West, our captains still somehow always manage to find the perfect spots to give clients the action-packed time of their lives.

This December was no different, with one client after another going out on the water and coming back with smiles on their faces, great memories, and plenty of Key West fish for dinner. Captain Derek helped get things started off great when he took some local clients out for sunset fishing just ahead of a storm. Sunset fishing down here means Blackfin Tuna and plenty of it. Captain Derek saw to it that these Key West residents pulled in plenty of them and, as you can see on our Facebook page, he even managed to snap a gorgeous picture of the sun sinking below the horizon just ahead of that storm.

December continued to be a great month for Fish Key West as Captain Rob took a split charter out on the Coolcast for a whole slew of gorgeous winter Mahi. A split charter is a great and inexpensive way to get in a lot of quality fishing time, especially on the Coolcast. At 36 feet, the Coolcast is the largest fishing boat in our fleet and can do a little bit of everything.

Captain Cory helped bring the first week of December to a fantastic close when he took out some repeat clients for a half day of porgies, snappers, and groupers. As usual, these clients sailed back in happy, tired, and with plenty of tasty dinners. This is how the first week ended here at Fish Key West Florida.

The UK King Roy Marlow Crushes it During Weeks 2 and 3

There were plenty of other satisfied clients in between, but the next 12 or so days were dominated by frequent fisherman Roy Marlow from the UK. Roy fishes with us a good 30 days a year and has developed quite the reputation around here. This trip was no different, as he and a friend owned the waters every time they went out with us.

Day One saw the two gentlemen using live herring to catch a ton of Blackfin Tuna and things just got better from there. Days 2 and 3 saw even more great weather and continued angling success for Big Roy and his buddy. Captain Colin Barr took them out for a veritable field day of pulling snapper and grouper out of the water like it was their job.

Eventually, with day after day of incredible fishing success, Roy and his friend just got spoiled. Captain Cory Shephardson took them out in 25 knots of wind and a bit of rain to catch some impressive black groupers during their second week. Then Captain Nick Diorio took them into the backcountry for even more success and fun.

By the time their trip was over, Big Roy had caught over 30 different species of fish with just about every type of bait imaginable. These two had great success no matter which captain took them out on a given day and we can’t wait to see Big Roy next time!

More Great Fishing to Finish Off the Year

Fortunately, Big Roy and his buddy left a few fish for the next few groups we took as Fish Key West finished the year off strong with several great trips the rest of the month. One of the highlights was when Captain Rob took our bee farmer regulars from Homestead, FL for a great day on the Outcast. Next, Captain Nick Diorio took out the Sharf party from Tampa for a gorgeous mixed bag of Key West fish and a lot of fun.

December ended just like it began– with mild weather and great fishing for the Zacharias party. They went out with Captain Colin Barr on the 30th and pulled in a couple of gorgeous Mutton Snappers among other fish. After that, we brought in the New Year like the rest of the country and looked forward to fantastic January!