There is nothing like climbing on board our 33′ SeaVee the Coolwater II charter boat in Key West, Florida. You can just feel the excitement brewing as we rev the duel Yahama 250 engines and start to pull out into the open waters. With smiling faces and great expectations, we head out towards the open water for a fun-filled day of fishing.

You never know what you will catch and that is part of the excitement and adventure that awaits each and every client we take out. Some days we are loaded to the max with fish, while other days we pull up monsters from the deep. The only way to know for sure what kind of day you will have is if you join us.

The Vessel

One of our vessels is the Coolwater II. It is stocked with everything we need to start the day off right. The Coolwater II is equipped with the very best electronics and is locked and loaded with everything we need from light tackle to lures, bait, and everything else we can think of for catching fish.

The charter boat is suited perfectly for fishing tournaments to your everyday adventures. It offers a shallow draft for casting net Pilchards. Or if you prefer the backcountry to snag some Tarpon, big sharks, or Permit the Coolwater II won’t let you down. You won’t find any other fishing boat quite like the Coolwater II.

The Adventure Begins

It really doesn’t matter what time of year it is. There is always something to catch in Key West. Captain Derek’s client Dr. Eduardo Gonzalez Blanco’s caught his first ever 20-pound Red Snapper. But the day wasn’t over for the crew or the clients. The day just kept getting better and better as the rest of the clients pulled up Blackfin Tuna and Cobia. With a charter fishing boat like the Coolwater II and the experience we provide, it’s no surprise that our clients were thrilled with their catch.

On a different adventure with Captain Rob and the Rossano party, it was a completely different kind of day. There were no sad faces in their group either. They scored dinner for at least a week as they continued to pull up Yellowtail Snappers. With their smiling faces, you can believe they had a wonderful adventure fishing in Key West, Florida and you can too.

Our Reputation

When it comes to fishing in Key West, there is no better charter boat you can book than with us. Rated for our reputation and knowledge of deep sea fishing, the Hyatt has made us their number one in-house charter fishing boat. With a reputation like that you are sure to have a great time and make memories.