Greetings everybody and we hope your summer’s going as well as ours! Either way, we hope you come down to see us soon, where the fish are always biting and you’ll land them all day long on the most beautiful charter boats in Key West. And without any further ado, here’s a rundown of what happened this month at Fish Key West Florida.

This July Meant Early Fireworks and Big Fish For Everybody


Things got started off with a bang as the days leading up to the fourth brought spectacular Key West weather and a whole mess of successful trips. Early on, we had Eric Courtney and his great friends from South Florida out on the water with Captain Rob. The results were spectacular, with these boys getting into some seriously big hog fish that they brought in with just a rod and a reel.

(Note: hogfish usually just sit there instead of running like other fish, so they’re usually brought in with a spear gun.)

There were fireworks on the third of July this year, as Richard Wall snagged a gorgeous Mahi on a 1/2 day charter with Captain Ryan Cross and then got his picture snapped to prove it! On the fourth, we had the pleasuring of meeting up with our old friend Josh from the Gainesville days as we took him and family out for some nice yellowtail snapper and a monster-sized Bonito. We hope you all had a Fourth of July as great as we did!

One of the highlights of the whole month was a day with 28 knots of wind that left us with one great fishing option. Fortunately, this option was sharks in the backcountry and Captain Jeremy took a split party for an incredible half day of catching lemon sharks on light tackle. Both the Kesners from West Virginia and the Hayes party down from Massachusetts did a great job battling the elements.

It Was More of The Same As The Month Progressed

July 11th brought another day of spectacular Keys weather and a couple of fantastic 1/2 day trips on calm waters. We got to catch with old friends Ralph and Eric from Gainesville, who had blast pulling in flag yellowtail snapper.

On the 12th, the Miller party from the great state of Texas spent the morning fishing offshore with Captain Jeremy. Ryan, Jay, and Brantley the birthday had a fantastic time pulling in a huge pile of Mahi. Happy Birthday to Brantley from everyone at Fish Key West Florida and thanks for spending the morning with us!

Later that afternoon, Captain Jeremy was at it again, taking the fine folks of the Roeske party out for a few hours of sun, fishing, and a whole lot of fun. This was an especially great trip because the Roeskes were rewarded for coming down all the way from Oregon with fresh yellowtail snapper for dinner.

All in all, July has been a fantastic month for fishing, families, and fun. There are still a few more fish swimming around down here in the Keys though, so book yourself a charter today! We look forward to seeing you.