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Mahi, Tuna and Wahoo in August

What an unbelievable offshore month of fishing we have had this past August. Every day we have gotten into loads of Mahi from 5 lbs to 38lbs. Gulf Stream has been close and with the light southeast wind we have had it has formed up some beautiful weed lines. After loading up with mahi and [...]

Mangrove Mania

Here at Fish key West Florida we have continued to do very well on Mangrove Snapper on the reef. All of our boats have caught their limit on just about every trip this week. Live bait has been the key to catching the larger Mangroves up to 6 lbs. These fish are great on light tackle and [...]

Lobster and Snapper hard to beat the eats

We have been crushing the Snapper on the reef limiting out every day this past week. The live bait wreck fishing has been great as well with a ton of action, we have caught greater amberjack, cobia, yellow jacks and mutton snapper this past week. This week we have the Lobster Mini Season which is [...]

Red Hot Reef

This week here at Fish Key West Florida we have experienced some red hot reef fishing. With a good running west tide the Yellowtail Snapper has been really good. Along with the Yellowtail we have been doing well on the Mutton Snapper, and a few Grouper as well. I always tell people fishing the reef [...]

Snapper, Tarpon and Mahi

We have been catching a ton of huge mangrove snapper on the reef with live pin fish, the spawn is in full swing right now. Coming of this full moon we have had an incredible week of tarpon fishing in the harbor. The mahi fishing offshore has still been on fire and we have caught [...]

Mangrove Snapper Spawn

Here at Fish Key West Florida we are finding the Mangrove Snapper on the reef. This is the time of year they start to spawn. The spawn usually last about a month and its a great time to target these good fighting, great tasting fish. Although their are many types of bait to use to [...]

Gulf fishing at its finest

Usually Summer months can be slow in the Gulf of Mexico but not for us the past two weeks. We have hit many different wrecks with much success this week. Mangrove Snappers up to 7 lbs tons of Gag and red groupers as well. We have also have had great success with Cobia and Permit [...]

Great weather & Great fishing

This week here at Fish Key West Florida we have had both great weather as well as some great fishing. Capt. Colin on the Outcast had an awesome day on Friday out fishing the towers in the Gulf. His clients said it was the best fishing trip they ever had. Snapper, Grouper, Cobia, African Pompano, [...]

Slammer Mahi, Huge Muttons and Monster Tarpon

How can you beat the month of June in Key West. Huge Mahi offshore this week on the Coolwater 2 and The Outcast both bull dolphin in the 40 lb range. The full moon in June produced again with huge muttons caught almost the whole day but the last few hours before sunset produced big [...]

Options in the morning

Here at Fish Key West Florida we love this time of year because we have many options as what to fish for. With very calm conditions, the Atlantic or the Gulf are wide open. This week we have caught a little bit of everything. Tarpon and Shark inshore has been great, Mahi Mahi offshore, and [...]

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