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All good in Key West

Please do not believe the fake news, everything in Key West is good to go. We had a bunch of tree damage around the island but very little storm surge or building damage. We go lucky and are ready to get back to fishing. Our fleet is up and running and look forward to taking [...]

The Fish Key West Florida August 2017 Fishing Report

Greetings from way down south in the Sunshine State everyone and welcome back to the Fish Key West Florida fishing report. To the surprise of absolutely no one, we’ve had yet another flurry of gorgeous weather and great fishing over the last month or so and we’re just itching to tell you about it. This [...]

Great Summer Fishing – Key West Fishing Report July 2017

Greetings everybody and we hope your summer's going as well as ours! Either way, we hope you come down to see us soon, where the fish are always biting and you'll land them all day long on the most beautiful charter boats in Key West. And without any further ado, here's a rundown of what [...]

Key West Fishing Report June 2017 – Mahi, Cobia and Marlin!

Welcome back to Fish Key West Florida, where luck has nothing to do with your fishing success and all four boats in our fleet have the rare but necessary federal permits that allow you to catch and keep Red Snapper on the Gulf side when the season begins in June. But enough bragging-- let's get [...]

Key West Fishing Report May 2017 – Marlin, Sharks, Cobia

Fishing in Key West, Florida is definitely something any deep sea angler should go and do. For each day changes and you will never have the same experience as you did the day before. The warm summer waters that seemed to have come early here in Key West, Florida have made for some exciting adventures [...]

Key West Fishing Report for March 2017 Huge Black, Smoker Kings and lots of Snapper

Huge Black Fishing in Key West, Florida is always an adventure. You never know what you are going to pull up out of the deep blue sea. Take for example the Black Grouper that Captain Cory and his client from Virginia pulled up. Just look at the coloration on that monster. The pattern of this [...]

Key West February Fishing Report 2017 – Red Snapper, Cobia, Snappers

There is nothing like climbing on board our 33' SeaVee the Coolwater II charter boat in Key West, Florida. You can just feel the excitement brewing as we rev the duel Yahama 250 engines and start to pull out into the open waters. With smiling faces and great expectations, we head out towards the open [...]

Key West Fishing Report for December 2016 – Tuna, Yellow Jacks, Black Grouper

Hello everyone, and welcome to Fish Key West Florida, where you can experience all the thrills of deep sea fishing in Key West and then some. We hope that your holidays were everything that you wanted them to be-- full of love, warmth, relaxation, and family. Ours certainly were, but we also managed to squeeze [...]

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